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Bargain Time For Valentines

Shopping for a Valentine's Day gift may sometimes involve exploring the aisles of your local bargain store to find a box of chocolates or a stuffed animal. Now, granted some of the bigger stores may have great brands and an excellent variety to choose from, finding that perfect Valentine's Day gift may still be a challenge. Nevertheless, even if you're sticking to that traditional route this year, at least consider the best times to shop, especially since there’s Valentine's Day deals and discounts already being offered by certain stores.

So, when do the Valentine's Day sales actually begin?

In 2021, we saw Valentine's Day sales pop up as early as mid-January, but the first Valentine's related bargain we saw in 2022 started as early as the first week of January. So, if you're wondering when to do your Valentine's Day shopping, the short answer is simple: At least a month early.

Last year, additional holiday sales showed up as time went on, and we expect more of the same sort of movement this year. In fact, many offers will likely run through February 14th itself, and even beyond. But, even though many deals will exist through February 14th, you’ll find that more savings will be afforded to you by shopping early.

People who shop early not only have a better selection, but oftentimes find the better savings. Whether you plan to give traditional or nontraditional gifts for Valentine's Day, here are the best deals you can expect.

Valentine's Day Jewelry

  • During the Valentines season of 2021, we found that there were discounts on jewelry widespread, ranging from 20% - 70%. We expect similar discounts during the 2022 Valentines season as well.

Valentines Day Flowers

  • From our experience in the past, we’ve noticed a concrete average of 20% - 40% on real arrangements, and up to 70% off on artificial arrangements. These deals are pretty consistent each year.

Valentine’s Day Candy

  • Each year, you’ll find that candy deals can typically be found in most stores at an average discount of 20% off. However, we’ve found that your typical discount on candy will increase to an average of 40% off within a few days of February 14th. Of course, although making late purchases may be more affordable, you can be sure to have a greatly reduced selection by then.

Valentine’s Day Dining

  • In respect to Valentines Day dining, the discounts are typically few and far between. However, it’s not uncommon to find a “buy one get one” meal offer, as well as speciality dishes, or specialty settings, on an occasion such as Valentines Day.

So, by now, you might be ready to start your gift shopping! We recommend checking out your local bargain store, such as Uptown Bargains in Abingdon Virginia. With over 15,000 items on hand, the variety of gift ideas is extensive! Take a look!

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